Dream to Dream

This page is devoted to a dialogue carried out through the medium of dreams. Dreams can be shared here, along with responses that take the form of other dreams, related images, associations, and/or poetry. In responding associatively, you might want to offer visual images, sounds, or music that could be embedded in your post or accessed through hyperlinks. Please do not submit interpretations or analyses of dreams.

When you send in a dream, give it a title and indicate the (approximate) date you had it, along with your name or initials, unless you wish to remain anonymous.* If you are responding to a dream that has already been posted, identify it by title.

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Metamorphosis (John Dotson’s dream of February 16, 2018)

I’ve experienced a certain malaise over several days. It has not been diagnosed, and is not major. Muscle discomfort, sensitivities throughout my body. Disorienting. Not a good sleep the night before last. Unable to find a neutral, pain-free position. However I move, there seem to be edges of pain and irritation. Indeed the quest of [...]

Unknown Transformation (John Dotson’s dream of February 12, 2018)

An elaborate radio studio production.  The advanced Studio C.  Sophisticated.  A universe that I know well as it has evolved. And everything is in transition.  There is a major transition happening.  It’s ownership, yes. But there are other dimensions transforming. I have assembled a cast to accomplish the performance, and everyone is sitting at the [...]

Time Travel (John Dotson’s dream of January 5, 2018)

I am engaged in lucid dreaming with an extended period of being awake-aware, observing the dawn of today, while the dream-architecture remains in place and dream-action continues. There is a dual setting, clearly based in Tennessee-land, at the high school and at the radio station. In both places the setting is also well into the [...]

Vessel of Life (John Dotson’s poetically lucid dream of November 19, 2017)

The interweaving elements of the dream sequencing transparently and elusively mercurial. In the very moment centering in Virginia, the Shenandoah heights depths caverns. But drawing forth vastnesses of energies abounding through and through everywhere anywhere time place streams streaming free. Limitless colors scents tastes textures fill the Bottle with which anything everything necessary and possible [...]

Four-Star Civilian (Lisa Maroski’s dream of November 11, 2017)

The military had to get a general overseas but they had to do it without being detected. So they told the general to show up at the airport in civilian clothes. He got on a military aircraft in civilian clothes–but military aircraft are not supposed to transport civilians (unless lots of paperwork, etc, is filed, which takes time, and [...]

Death and Rebirth (John Davis’ dream of October 17, 2017)

It starts now with a high-pitched vocalization, which is made with my vocal apparatus, much like the chorus leader, sounding the home key. It is subtle and pleasant and sort of sets the tone for what is to follow. In the liminal zone, between sleep and awake, I contemplate the nature of the Klein bottle. [...]

Breaking New Ground…and Owning It (John Dotson’s dream of December 31, 2016)

I am in the basement of 914 West Sullivan Street, my childhood home. I become aware that some major renovations are in progress, and I am soon fully engaged in the management thereof. I am working concretely in the wet and damp, cleaning, re-arranging, de-constructing/re-constructing. Presently, I move into a new area (the southwest front [...]

A Meeting of Minds (John Dotson’s dream of December 8, 2016)

With L— in the car and he is driving. We are moving along a “through-way” into a heavily developed cityscape, which appears on the horizon—massive works in concrete and masonry. We are heading directly into an arched tunnel when suddenly it strikes me that the whole infrastructure is in disarray. It’s not an earthquake, and [...]

Musical Bliss (John Dotson’s dream of October 25, 2016)

In a New York panorama, I find myself in an ensemble of colleagues, traveling with luggage, navigating various intricate transit maneuvers from place to place in an extended sequence of locations and events. We are thoroughly and energetically taken up with the whole scene. In an interlude, we find ourselves in a jazz club where [...]

Serpentine Dance (John Dotson’s dream of October 19, 2016)

I’m traveling with an ensemble. It seems we are in Paris, our bookings are nearly complete, and it is time to pack for our next destination, unknown. But we have one more performance. We have been staying in a very old and timeworn multi-story pied–à–terre where we routinely stay and feel at home. There is much [...]