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This page is devoted to a dialogue carried out through the medium of dreams. Dreams can be shared here, along with responses that take the form of other dreams, related images, associations, and/or poetry. In responding associatively, you might want to offer visual images, sounds, or music that could be embedded in your post or accessed through hyperlinks. Please do not submit interpretations or analyses of dreams.

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Breaking New Ground…and Owning It (John Dotson’s dream of December 31, 2016)

I am in the basement of 914 West Sullivan Street, my childhood home. I become aware that some major renovations are in progress, and I am soon fully engaged in the management thereof. I am working concretely in the wet and damp, cleaning, re-arranging, de-constructing/re-constructing. Presently, I move into a new area (the southwest front [...]

A Meeting of Minds (John Dotson’s dream of December 8, 2016)

With L— in the car and he is driving. We are moving along a “through-way” into a heavily developed cityscape, which appears on the horizon—massive works in concrete and masonry. We are heading directly into an arched tunnel when suddenly it strikes me that the whole infrastructure is in disarray. It’s not an earthquake, and [...]

Musical Bliss (John Dotson’s dream of October 25, 2016)

In a New York panorama, I find myself in an ensemble of colleagues, traveling with luggage, navigating various intricate transit maneuvers from place to place in an extended sequence of locations and events. We are thoroughly and energetically taken up with the whole scene. In an interlude, we find ourselves in a jazz club where [...]

Serpentine Dance (John Dotson’s dream of October 19, 2016)

I’m traveling with an ensemble. It seems we are in Paris, our bookings are nearly complete, and it is time to pack for our next destination, unknown. But we have one more performance. We have been staying in a very old and timeworn multi-story pied–à–terre where we routinely stay and feel at home. There is much [...]

Deconstruction (John Dotson’s dream of September 27, 2016)

I’m in a sturdy old classroom building. All the rooms have been repainted in a refreshing impressionist sort of style. I have gone through the motions of joining a class on cinema theory. Right away it is clear to me that the professor is rather lethargic in his thinking and overall attitude—not very committed. I [...]

Smooth Landing Despite Some Turbulence (John Dotson’s dream of September 7, 2016)

I’m in flight to Britain, transoceanic, and am settled in for the duration. But then it occurs to me that I do not know where my passport is. I am aware, in the dream, that this has been a recurring nightmare, and it is stunning, in the dream, that I am living out this dream [...]

Paying the Price (John Dotson’s dreams of August 26 and 27, 2016)

A highly charged, dramatic sequence. Somehow, I have participated very directly in bringing a shadowy man out in the open. He is an insidiously vicious man. Despite all resistance, he has been identified, apprehended. Now I am absolutely certain that I will face retribution for this. The man himself and/or those around him will have [...]

Fear and Exultation Amidst Interconnected Chaos (John Dotson’s dream of August 5, 2016)

This was a lucid, pulse racing dream. It involved people I know, including a close friend whom I haven’t seen in decades, and some family tension. The action picks up in a very sophisticated hotel. I have finished an engagement, a performance of some sort, and am on my way back to my room, and, [...]

Cracking Ancient Codes — A Summer Solstice Dream (John Dotson’s dream of June 20, 2016)

I am at home in a big city. It feels like New York, with a texturing of Chicago. Riding a bus, I turn to the window and see that a text has been etched, as if by a laser but more primitively, more archaically, into the glass itself. I attempt to read the black text, [...]

A Visit with Grampaw (John Dotson’s dream of May 11, 2016)

A visit with Grampaw, at his house—but the whole situation is different from my waking experience with him. In the dream, I am encountering him as never before. He is younger than I remember, but age is not so important. The great difference is that I am seeing him as an actual person, and he [...]