Seed Links

On this website, I hope to facilitate creative dialogue with other websites in the interest of promoting more embodied electronic community (see Invitation to Proprioceptive Dialogue). To that end, a number of relevant hyperlinks will be listed here. Because organic communities evolve in a spontaneous and collaborative way, I won’t try to set down all the links in advance. The links listed below can be viewed as seeds from which a living network of cybernetic connections can grow — something that will happen in its own time and place. Here are some seed links to begin the process:

Marlene Schiwy’s website (Inspired by the work of C. G. Jung and Marion Woodman, the aim of my wife’s website is to transform cyberspace into a soul-space that nourishes embodied presence; see also her blog.)

Insight Dialogue (Gregory Kramer’s practice of meditating together and speaking from silence)

Social Wholeness in Cyberspace (This article explores from multiple perspectives the meaning and potential of electronic community, and describes practices that may facilitate its formation.)

Bohmian Dialogue (Philosopher-physicist David Bohm’s approach to dialogue is a practice closely related to the proprioceptive dialogue described here.)

Clark University on Dialogue (Some brief takes on the process of dialogue are offered here.)

Laetus in Praesens (This is a  website dealing with global issues, transdisciplinarity, future research, communication, comprehension, group organization, self-reflexivity, paradox, and human development.)

The Association for Cultural Exchange (an organization that promotes cultural exchange in the arts, humanities, and sciences; the emphasis is on trans-disciplinary communication and a soulful, embodied attunement to nature.)

Integrative Studies in Jungian Psychology (This website is coordinated by Cedrus Monte, a Zurich-based Jungian analyst concerned with image-making, culture, and archetype.)

The Center for Group Learning (The CGL furthers the understanding of groups on both a personal and global level through the open exchange of ideas and experiences.)

The Focusing Institute (This organization offers methods for gaining embodied personal and interpersonal awareness; see also video introduction to interactive focusing.)

The Alchemy Web Site (This website provides a wealth of resources — images, symbols, texts — for serious students and scholars of alchemy.)

Paradox Playground (An important concern of this blog is the use of paradox to reinvent language so as to overcome dualism.)