Dream to Dream

This page is devoted to a dialogue carried out through the medium of dreams. Dreams can be shared here, along with responses that take the form of other dreams, related images, associations, and/or poetry. In responding associatively, you might want to offer visual images, sounds, or music that could be embedded in your post or accessed through hyperlinks. Please do not submit interpretations or analyses of dreams.

When you send in a dream, give it a title and indicate the (approximate) date you had it, along with your name or initials, unless you wish to remain anonymous.* If you are responding to a dream that has already been posted, identify it by title.

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Dangerous Running (John Dotson’s dream of April 23, 2016)

A conference in San Francisco has concluded and I am directly thanking and saying goodbye to the folks of the Jean Gebser Society. I next find myself on the street in running clothes—running, running, running through intensely urban areas. At times I am in serious danger from the traffic and the routes I am taking. [...]

Tapestry of Life (John Dotson’s dream of April 5, 2016)

I have forgotten my lines in a drama that is about to be staged. Sometimes I am confident (but not really) that the lines will come to me naturally once the performance begins. Other times, the details of the drama are so remote that there is zero prospect of my filling my role. There are [...]

My Father’s Shadow + Beholding the Klein Bottle: Two Dreams (John Dotson’s dreams of March 5, 2016)

Dream 1 Public notice has been given, and I am now at the designated time and place for a gathering of folks who are interested in the upcoming performance event that I am coordinating. This information/discussion session is open to anyone who is interested. All are invited. When the group is assembled, I begin my [...]

“I Am a Poet!” (John Dotson’s dream of March 3, 2016)

I am at a meeting of some sort—a convocation, congregation, conventicle, or conference—and the details of this are with me right down to some feeling of name tags. There are tables with white linen. Various seating arrangements. There are many folks I know and a lot more whom I don’t. At the conclusion of the [...]

Co-Creation (John Dotson’s dream of February 21, 2016)

I’m at a gathering for a major, large-scale production. This is the first complete convocation of the performers, artists, and crew—who have all been working intensely in sub-teams. Now we are converging for the complete conjoining of our efforts. The circle is made of many life-long friends and very close companions, co-creators. We work seamlessly in [...]

Heartbrain (John Dotson’s dream of January 13, 2016)

I am engaged in various work activities in a given setting—here and there, this and that—when someone comes up to me to tell me that my mother is near. It is not clear if she has come to this workplace, or if she is on the phone, or if some sort of apparition of her [...]

In the Underworld with Lee Roloff — A Dream Memorial (John Dotson’s dream of November 28, 2015)

It is a warm, sunshiny day, and I am walking around Old Monterey, alongside an historic adobe building that I know well enough. However, as I glance through an open double doorway, I am startled to observe the ranks and divisions of a pipe organ, in a rather baroque framework of gilded wood. I have no idea why this [...]

Ezekiel’s Wheels (John Dotson’s dream of November 25, 2015)

With a group, a somewhat nebulous group, in a massive architectural structure—a very old, highly elaborate public building. The entrance interior is fully realized with heavy, dark wood, mahogany. Struts, bulkheads, decorative ceiling, wall paneling. There is a very large staircase with elaborately curving banisters. And suddenly I am aware that we are being drawn up the staircase without stepping, [...]

Defying Gravity (John Dotson’s dream of November 10, 2015)

A long, elaborate narrative in a detailed setting with many locations—interiors and exteriors. The general scenario is a “gathering” with substantive, integrative “purposefulness.” Many persons have converged. In a very natural way, I am aware that I can leap up and propel myself through space with lesser limitations of gravity. I can make my way [...]

Outgrown Space (John Dotson’s dream of October 6, 2015)

Working through the recollections, researches, and emerging material concerning the socio-political upheavals of Chicago 1969, I am led to one vintage photograph of a pivotal event—in my circle of friends at a legendary concert in Grant Park—that opens up cascades of new realizations and clarity of direction. I feel solidity and concreteness—forces in equipoise. * [...]