Unknown Transformation (John Dotson’s dream of February 12, 2018)

An elaborate radio studio production.  The advanced Studio C.  Sophisticated.  A universe that I know well as it has evolved. And everything is in transition.  There is a major transition happening.  It’s ownership, yes. But there are other dimensions transforming. I have assembled a cast to accomplish the performance, and everyone is sitting at the table in the studio, scripts in place, rehearsals complete. All is in readiness. This will be a performance that communicates deeply and widely. The energy will manifest with the performers speaking the parts. No extra production effects.

I am feeling tensions about everything going right—particularly the technology. We are recording on a state-of-the-art 15-inch reel-to-reel at 15ips.

As we are nearly through with a most powerful rendering of the whole script, I am nervous that there may have been a technical problem and that the session was somehow not recorded at all, or it is not usable.  There is no doing this over, no repeating the power of what has happened.

When the final word is said, I quickly check the tape and am vastly relieved that everything is okay. The quality is not absolutely perfect, but it is very very good, and we can proceed.

Now I must return to the wider transition process—a quantum transformation of the existing broadcast/performance scenario into another mode. This requires creating and placing careful handwritten instructions all around the control rooms.

It is not evident what the ultimate transformation is going to be. I am not even sure who the instructions are for.