Death and Rebirth (John Davis’ dream of October 17, 2017)

It starts now with a high-pitched vocalization, which is made with my vocal apparatus, much like the chorus leader, sounding the home key. It is subtle and pleasant and sort of sets the tone for what is to follow.

In the liminal zone, between sleep and awake, I contemplate the nature of the Klein bottle. The triune brain (neo-cortex, mammalian and sensory motor) is a like a Klein bottle and the brain is arranged in bundles and stacked upon each other and the ego serves a different function in each area and in between each area. ‘I’ am self-aware as dimensionless point that goes nowhere. I review the feeling of the twist in the Moebius strip, in the heart area, and touch the indeterminacy of self and other and ponder the impossible.

Vibrations. I feel a distinct shift from noise to signal. I am in my mother’s house. She is in the room and I am in my bedroom sleeping, aware of her moving around. My brothers Craig and Jeff are in their room, my younger brother, Tracy hasn’t been born. I wake up in my childhood home and then return to sleep but it is a lucid sleep, a sleep aware of itself. Sparks of light play in a dark back ground.

I am in a Village and people are flocking to get into a cathedral where an event of some kind is happening. On the street, in front of the cathedral doors, I bump into a young man who has been through a traumatic experience.

I embrace him, he is stressed by touch, almost overwhelmed but I touch him gently and feel the most intense tenderness for him. The touch between us is very subtle, he feels like a vibration/image rather than any kind of matter and has a powerful presence.We try to get a peek into the Cathedral but the crowds overflow and I lose track of him.

I go to another part of this community, there are rows and rows of seating that go to an infinite depth and an infinite height and groups of musicians have gathered with instruments and I am especially aware of the glow of the brass instruments.

I view this with amazement and I walk around outdoors and see an orange colored wolf but fluffy looking and dreamy, as if the animal is in a trance and it gazes upon a tree, immersed. The landscape is full of autumnal colors.

I find my brother Tracy and sit with him briefly and we are in telepathic rapport, silent, no words needed.

Then I hear music. A giant orchestral ensemble has scattered member playing across great distances in this vast communal space which is composed of nature and architectural forms from human cultures. The music is played without a conductor. I stand up and dance.

Then as I am feeling the vibrations I have some third eye and third ear activations, kinesthetic, auditory, visual elements converge. I see an animal morph into a large insect, then into a great serpent moving in a dark slime, then silence and a black out.

Then a flicker of light. Light and spacious qualities as I move in a human form with many others in groups. I’m indoors in a pleasant place and a woman introduces me to a person I recognize as Beatrice, a dear friend,  who died six months ago.

I shake hands with her, she is younger and shorter and appears adolescent. As Beatrice she was very tall and elderly, in her nineties.

” Beatrice!” I say with delight, and kiss her hand.

I’m told by the lady who is taking care of her, that the use of her old name might startle her. I ask her new name and tell her I’m John. I kiss her hand and feel overwhelmed by tenderness for her but wish not to open up any unpleasant memories.

She is shy but she twirls her body around a trellis playfully and I feel her personality resonate in her gesture and I’m charmed by her. I sense that she knows me as she did in the physical world, in an emotional way, without words. She gives me a walking tour of her new home, where she is in rehearsal for a new life.

I ask if she has a private room, she says she doesn’t. I sense that it is a great public space and there is no bedroom area because no one ever sleeps here, that is a human animal practice, that she no longer engages in. They are always awake. She says it is very nice here.

I can’t recall her name and the connection starts to fade and I notice some litter has appeared on the ground and I feel that I am intruding upon her some of the unpleasant memories of her earth world existence and her death are coming back  and I must return to the physical world but feeling a great peace, knowing that my dearest friend is well taken care of and is practicing a new reality.

I feel we have completed our task together and with great satisfaction I rest in this peace and know that the difficulties of my current life adaptations will continue to unfold in field of infinite aesthetic possibilities.