Musical Bliss (John Dotson’s dream of October 25, 2016)

In a New York panorama, I find myself in an ensemble of colleagues, traveling with luggage, navigating various intricate transit maneuvers from place to place in an extended sequence of locations and events. We are thoroughly and energetically taken up with the whole scene.

In an interlude, we find ourselves in a jazz club where a group is playing. In the lead is the saxophone, an instrument of pure passion and release for me. The music is free flowing, blissfully pleasing—supernal. The melodic lines are acute, the harmonics sumptuous. I am aware, while dreaming, that this is powerfully liberating, improvisational music and that I want to remember this.

Ever more emergent in dreamtime is the awareness of various coherent experiences and specifically musical experiences. Not only am I aware of the originality of the music and that there is a profound integrity to it, but also I am aware that I am aware and want to remember and carry forward this whole awareness on waking.

Somewhat later, after another sequence of challenging but effective transportation moves and highly charged episode streams, we arrive at another locale, and again there is wonderfully attuned, very pleasurable music, with saxophone in the lead—a doubling of the experience. Integral with the musical thrill is the awareness of awareness that I want to remember.

Further, I wake with the realization that the only way I can carry out this remembrance is by means of verbal language. There can be no video, no audio, no internet link. I don’t have a recording of the music, nor can I perform this music with adeptness on a keyboard. The available medium is direct, expressive language.

I am grateful and glad for the ability to shape this message. I feel confidence—peace.