Smooth Landing Despite Some Turbulence (John Dotson’s dream of September 7, 2016)

I’m in flight to Britain, transoceanic, and am settled in for the duration. But then it occurs to me that I do not know where my passport is. I am aware, in the dream, that this has been a recurring nightmare, and it is stunning, in the dream, that I am living out this dream and must somehow figure things out. I’m amazed to find myself in this situation as I follow through a detailed thought process, trying to imagine locations where the passport might be. Is it in my carry-on, which I cannot immediately access—or in my checked baggage, which means the passport will not be available for the arrival process? Or did I fail to pack the passport at all? I imagine the possible scenarios of dealing with this problem, figuring that it must surely happen from time to time, and that there will be some protocol. Perhaps it will be an elaborate process to create a replacement for the extent of my traveling. But I’m not sure if this will work, or how it might work. I try to remain calm knowing that I am in transit, in a transitional situation, and that one way or another, things will take their course.

Suddenly I hear an adjustment of the pitch of the jet engines. I feel a jolt—some turbulence. I am alert but not particularly concerned. It’s nothing unusual really. But then, I am aware we are descending, smoothly, breaking through cloud layers and some fog to behold that we are, very suddenly it seems, on the final approach. How can such a long flight be concluded already? My time sense must have completely vanished.

As the descent continues, I am aware that I am seated at the front of the huge aircraft and the front is actually transparent so that I can view the approach with complete detail as we maneuver into a port city. Indeed, this aircraft is a sea-landing vehicle, as I am now recalling, and we will be landing, and are landing, on the water—winding our way now as a sea-going vessel into a large metropolis.

One way or another, I will just deal with the passport issue—perhaps it is safely reposed in the carry-on. It is still incredible to me that I don’t know, since I usually keep my passport on my person at all times.

But whatever is is what it is. A new day has dawned in richly saturating colors and highly charged events and energizing motions on a bay in a different hemisphere. The quest is unfolding, and I am glad.