A Visit with Grampaw (John Dotson’s dream of May 11, 2016)

A visit with Grampaw, at his house—but the whole situation is different from my waking experience with him. In the dream, I am encountering him as never before. He is younger than I remember, but age is not so important. The great difference is that I am seeing him as an actual person, and he is more alive to me than ever has been possible.

He is, as usual, wearing faded denim bib-overalls. His hair is wind-blown, his face ruddy from work under the sun. He is smiling easily. I am aware that this occasion is provided so that I can know him, speak with him, be recognized and be understood by him. I have a tangible sense of him as having an inner life with genuine motivations, such as have been almost totally hidden from me throughout my own life. Now I comprehend how the ignoring/concealing/misrepresenting of these motivations rendered all my previous perceptions, from childhood, of Grampaw and his world, to be a shallow overlay, an objectification of that world. As I greet him in this dream, he is animated and accessible. I feel his life-energy, as if we are meeting for the first time. He seems to be as relieved as I am that we are face to face. There is presently some truth between us as two human beings among other human beings. As I watch him moving around, living and breathing and having his being, there is a depth to our relationship never known before.