Reaction to the Website (Ronald Polack)

I have perused most of the site – yet to do the dreams – and find what you are initiating quite fascinating and a huge step in the environs of cyberspace where there are so many frivolous games going on, it seems.  Maybe they are more meaningful seen through larger eyes.

Some of the site goes beyond my experience of comfort. This came to issue  while reading Invitation to PD.  I felt I really got the comparison between virtual versus actual communication and the internet interaction versus typing but felt bogged down and frustrated with the length of the piece.  My reaction said there was too much philosophical and technological complexity.  That’s less a criticism than a personal foible coming up in me, knowing as I write this that very little personal growth or evolving happens while I feel totally comfortable.

Where is the website, your project, going?  Really to me it doesn’t matter.  It IS an open door to dialogue, proprioceptive as you term it, and it will be just what it is as it unfolds.  That’s fine with me, albeit uncomfortable, challenging, sometimes frustrating but I’m learning to be easier with all that, trusting in the isness I could say.  Who really knows what’s significant or meaningful anyway?  Working with my own experience is really the point.