Dreams, Death, Rebirth

A Multimedia Topological Odyssey into Alchemy's Hidden Dimensions

 by Steven M. Rosen

© 2013  All rights reserved

Dreams, Death, Rebirth carries forward Steven M. Rosen’s topological philosophy of alchemical transformation. Readers of Rosen’s work will be thrilled by his new and novel multimedia book. In this text, electronic links to images, voices, and videos bring Rosen’s ideas into even greater clarity. This book is essential for anyone who desires to work at psychic depths that require imagination, without sacrificing intellectual rigor.”
– Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Jungian analyst and author of The Mystery of Human Relationship and The Black Nightgown



Chapter 1 – Identity and Death: Modern and Ancient Views

Chapter 2 – Shifting the Gears of Consciousness

Chapter 3 – Alchemy and Topology

Chapter 4 – The Unio Mentalis: Opening Stage of Alchemical Conjunction

Chapter 5 – Second Stage of Alchemical Conjunction: Cogito and Anima

Chapter 6 – Third Stage of Alchemical Conjunction: Cogito, Anima, and Vegeta

Chapter 7 – Final Stage of Alchemical Conjunction: Cogito, Anima, Vegeta, and Minera


*Navigational Notes: In reading the chapters, when you want to return from hyperlinked material to the main text, press the back arrow in the upper left-hand corner of your screen (not the X button that closes the page). In cases where you see a “back to chapter” link centered near the bottom of the page, select that to return to the text.

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