Dreams, Death, Rebirth

A Topological Odyssey into Alchemy's Hidden Dimensions

Our greatest certainty and greatest mystery is our mortality. In this book, I explore the mystery of death and rebirth from psychological, philosophical, and alchemical perspectives. To model, embody, and contain the paradoxical transformations involved in the death-rebirth enigma, a paradoxical form of mathematics is employed: the topology of the Moebius strip and Klein bottle. As this alchemical odyssey unfolds, I seek to make myself transparent through my dreams and bring myself tangibly into the text so as to enact a dialectic of ego and Self.9781630510831-Perfect.indd

“In tackling the subject of death and rebirth Steven Rosen writes about our modern state of mind, how we got like this and where we need to go from here. He does all this with a psychotherapeutic insight that begins with his own subjectivity—and his own dreams—and ends with the subjectivity of the modern world. Using myths, dreams, and alchemical symbolism as well as psychological research and Jungian insights, Rosen speaks to us all from the self and the Self. A book to be read immediately, and then read again.”—Christopher Hauke, Jungian analyst and author of Jung and the Postmodern: The Interpretation of Realities

“How does a mental-spiritual ego, the creation of our post-Renaissance world, embrace the body as a living partner? In Dreams, Death, Rebirth, Steven M. Rosen offers a topological analysis that meets the challenge of this daunting endeavor. It is a remarkable accomplishment, and vital for the advancement of psychotherapy.”—Nathan Schwartz-Salant, Jungian analyst and author of The Black Nightgown: The Fusional Complex and the Unlived Life

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