Science, Paradox, and the Moebius Principle1994

The Evolution of a "Transcultural" Approach to Wholeness


This book confronts basic anomalies in the foundations of contemporary science and philosophy. It deals with paradoxes that call into question our conventional way of thinking about space, time, and the nature of human experience.

Key features of the work include:

  • an integration of modern theoretical science and contemporary phenomenological thought
  • a process theory and philosophy, presenting a concept in which space, time, and consciousness undergo continuous internal transformation and organic growth
  • a specific account of dialectical change, employing geometric forms that bring the dynamics of paradox clearly into focus
  • a transdisciplinary and “transcultural” approach that seeks to bridge the gap between the “two cultures” of science and the humanities
  • dialogue with physicist/philosopher David Bohm

“It is not the usual fare. It cuts across standard subjects, breaking down stale boundaries. Rosen undertakes a difficult, important task. In Einstein’s metaphor, he drills where the wood is thickest.”

-–Professor Wallace Glickman, Department of Physics, Long Island University

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