Dimensions of Apeiron2004

A Topological Phenomenology of Space, Time, and Individuation


This book explores the evolution of space and time from the apeiron — the spaceless, timeless chaos of primordial nature. Here I examine Western culture’s efforts to deny apeiron, and the critical need now to lift the repression of apeiron for the sake of human individuation.

“This groundbreaking book brings to fruition Rosen’s reflexive theory of time and space. With recent physics breaking linear time symmetry, this unique integration of physics and philosophy is indeed timely.”
Eugene T. Gendlin, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, University of Chicago

“Rosen’s ideas are precisely stated, and he draws upon an impressive range of sources, both ancient and modern. The author shows the inadequacy of conventional thinking about space and time and argues persuasively for an intriguing new alternative. This important book may have radical implications for the conduct of science in the 21st century.”
--Brian Josephson, Cambridge University Professor of Physics, Nobel Laureate

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